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02-03-2012, 06:11 AM
What is Alexa ranking?


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Venus Brown
02-03-2012, 06:26 AM
The ranking of the websites according to Alexa is called Alexa ranking. it shows the data related to the traffic of your website globally.Its mainly affected by the number of visitors reaching our website through Alexa toolbar.

02-03-2012, 06:31 AM
Alexa rank gives the general accepted global ranking for website/blog by counting the number of visitors at a particular time. Alexa ranking will work only, if the alexa toolbar is installed and running. Installing alexa toolbar is needed so that bloggers and advertising companies or networks or Sponsored Reviews and Blogvertisers will pay attention on the alexa rank. It also utilizes information to decide if the blog/website will be review or not.

02-03-2012, 06:39 AM
The Alexa is a company that measures web traffic on almost every website on the internet through their increasingly popular toolbar plugin. This becomes an important element in leveraging your blog’s ranking as a sell point to advertisers, sponsors, buyers, readers and whoever else wants a piece of your material.

02-06-2012, 01:03 AM
Alexa ranking is a rank of a website according the data from Alexa.com, website that provide for information of a website, or simply website that defines themselves as “the web information company”.

02-06-2012, 03:39 AM
this is a simple service if you site visitor increase and your site all keywords up on the first page of the google than your site Alexa down and your site count very good service provider thats it

02-06-2012, 04:35 AM
Alexa ranking is a rank of a website according the data from Alexa.com, you can check the alexa rank by using seo quake toolbar or by going to alexa.com.

03-05-2013, 10:16 PM
The traffic rank of a website, compared to all other sites on the web. This is provided by Alexa.com based on sample browsing behavior of people with the Alexa toolbar installed in their browser, combined with imputed search engine ranking and search volume. Alexa rank is not a particularly reliable metric due to the fact that it is based solely upon users with the toolbar. However is can be useful for identifying and analyzing traffic trends. Below is an image of Blue Fountain Media’s Alexa Rank.

03-06-2013, 12:20 AM
Alexa website allotting the ranks based on the site quality, backlinks, visitors traffic and more...It tooks quite valid in the field of SEO...

03-06-2013, 01:07 AM
Alexa Rank is the measurement of the global popularity of a website as calculated by Alexa Internet, a Web traffic and reporting firm owned by Amazon.Alexa Rank is similar to Google Page Rank. But here, lower the Alexa Rank, the more popular is the website.Alexa rank is measured on tha basis of all the visitors,who has installed alexa toolbar on their browser. The lower the Alexa ranking, the better. You are competing with all Internet sites, because they are all classified, some of which millions high.

03-06-2013, 03:09 AM
Nice post dear. Thanks for sharing it.

03-06-2013, 04:11 AM
The Alexa rank is a ranking system calculated using the Alexa toolbar. Alexa takes the browsing data from the millions of people using this toolbar and calculates the traffic ranking of each site based on reach and page views. Low traffic sites are harder to gauge accurately, but once a site reaches a 100,000 or less ranking the accuracy of the measure increases. Hence the lower your Alexa rank, the credibility of that ranking is increased. Whether you value your Alexa traffic ranking or not, there are definite advantages to having a high Alexa rank. The Alexa ranking is viewed as a reasonable representation of a site’s traffic and authority.