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02-07-2012, 10:51 AM
The Minecraft Host (http://www.theminecrafthost.com)

About Us
We are a new, but knowledgeable host. We run our own server and do it well, so we decided to start hosting for others. All of the servers we own are built and are owned by us, and are hosted in a professional data center in Dallas, Texas. If you ever have a question about setting something up, we can help. After having our own server for so long we know what can wrong, and how to fix it.

We are also in the processes of filing for an LLC, so hopefully soon we can move to the trusted server section.

Backups: We keep 7 days worth of backsup for every server.
Control panel: Use the Multicraft (http://demo.multicraft.org/server/index?my=1) control panel to manage your server.
SSDs: All servers are placed on solid state drives.
No overselling: We never oversell our servers. All the RAM and other resources are allocated to you and noone else.
MySQL: If you require MySQL for your server, we will set it up for you.
Set-up help: We can't set up and manage the server for you, but we can help you get started and suggest plugins for your ideas.
Dedicated IPs: All of our servers come with a dedicated IP using Minecraft's default port.
Free subdomain: If you want we can have your own custom server.theminecrafthost.com subdomain pointing to your server IP.

All of our servers are very high performance servers with large amounts of resources. We use the latest Intel and AMD processors to alleviate lag-free gameplay. All hardware we have is owned and specified by us so we have the very latest technologies.

All of our servers are hosted in a highly redundant SAS70 Type II enterprise data center environment with high speed connections on all servers.

E-mail: TheMinecraftHost@gmail.com - If you have general questions contact us here, you will get a quick response.
This Thread: Feel free to post in this thread or send us a PM on this forum.
Ticket system: If you already are a customer, making a ticker here (http://www.theminecrafthost.com/clients/submitticket.php). None customers can make a ticket too, but only regarding sales.

Test Server
Feel free to get on our test server to see how things run.
IP: test.theminecrafthost.com
Test server specs: 1024MB RAM, SSD
http://minestatus.net/21467-the-minecraf-host-test-server/image/original.png (http://minestatus.net/21467-the-minecraf-host-test-server)

Package 1
1-5 Payers*

Package 2
1-10 Players*
1024MB RAM

Package 3
1-15 Players*
1536MB RAM

Package 4
1-20 Players*
2048MB RAM

Package 5
1-25 Players*
2560MB RAM

Package 6
1-30 Players*
3072MB RAM

Package 7
1-35 Players*
3584MB RAM

Custom Package
If you have something else in mind for your server just contact us!

*These are the maximum recommended player numbers. You are not restricted to the number of players on your server, however the more plugins you have, the less players you will be able to hold.

Click Here to Order Now! (http://www.theminecrafthost.com/clients/cart.php)
Use promotion code "20%OFF" at check out to get 20% off a month for as long as you keep the server!*
*(Currently set to expire on March 6th 2012)