View Full Version : Do you like Google Plus?

02-09-2012, 12:06 AM
Hello there,
Google plus is a social media site powered by google and it is very effective for SMO.
Do you like google plus? I like it very much.
What you think about it?

02-10-2012, 01:25 AM
If you spend much time using Google, and have actually logged into your account and opted into the Google Experimental project’s +1 button, you may have noticed the intriguing and faded little +1 button appearing right next to each listing in the organic listings from the search engine results. With it’s arrival in March (for search) and more recently in June (for publishers) along with the recent announcement Google’s Plus platform, we have yet another option for sharing and voting on content. Not dissimilar to the Facebook “Like”, the Digg “dig”, or the reddit “upvote” buttons, our “vote” in this case now extends beyond just search results in Google.

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02-14-2012, 04:39 AM
Yes I like google plus social networking site, really it is very effective.

John karner
02-16-2012, 11:14 PM
I don,t Like Google Plus. Or I never You this.

02-25-2012, 01:12 AM
I really like google+, it is very good social netwoking site with latest and updated features.

02-27-2012, 04:35 AM
I actually love Google+, it is extremely good social networking website with most modern and updated features. Truly it is incredibly efficient.

02-27-2012, 09:42 AM
I really like google+ and I have my account on Google+ too but I don't have any solid reason to switch from Facebook which Is I am using from 2008 to Google+.

02-27-2012, 10:48 AM
I like google+ so much

03-14-2012, 08:18 AM
its good website to get good backlinks and good traffic if you want to share something you dont need to open other window you can do just by clicking.

03-22-2012, 09:14 AM
yeah it seems good when i use it..
its nice

03-22-2012, 09:26 AM
What is google plus and what's it benefit for sites promotions. I only know about google search engine. any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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03-23-2012, 09:27 AM
Why not? It is also a social networking site from the desk of Google.

04-21-2012, 06:28 AM
I don't like google + as it is not that much easy to use social network for me, and it is having several changes and modifications in very short time, so i found it little difficult to use, it is very good for common people, but it is little difficult for webmasters facebook is much easy to use, or may be we are used to of it. But hopefully i will learn how to use googe plus.

04-25-2012, 08:42 AM
Actually, I neither like nor dislike this social net. The fact is that having a lot more accounts in different social communities I just don't want one more)) That's why I simply don't use it:p

04-25-2012, 09:26 AM
hi friend i like it but facebook is best.

05-04-2012, 04:40 AM
Yes I like this Google Plus. Circles, Sparks, Hangouts, Mobile, These features are very amazing really i like this...

05-07-2012, 06:23 AM
yes, i like google plus

05-07-2012, 11:14 AM
google plus is nice. same as facebook.

sad to say though, can't get my friends there. they prefer facebook.

05-08-2012, 12:33 AM
of cores i like Google plus Avery time

05-09-2012, 02:25 AM
Not yet started using.

05-09-2012, 06:35 AM
I prefer Google Plus than other social media.
I think it's functions are better than facebook, after updated it's time line tag it's looks going to bad, most of the user are wants to delete their account.

05-10-2012, 05:30 AM
Google plus is new version of google Firefox. google and google plus are both similar but highest rank of google.

05-10-2012, 10:32 AM
Actually google + is the site which provides double uses of social networking !!

For developing business portal


For Entertainment

james smit
05-10-2012, 12:12 PM
Google+ is a good social networking site, but it can never compete Facebook. So i don't like to use Google+.

05-11-2012, 06:41 AM
does google + improve keywords search ranking ??? or just it improve traffic to our website?