View Full Version : Good heavens, these are some stellar Los Angeles Colo Specials. Just, wow.

02-28-2012, 04:09 PM
Please note: These deals are only available in Los Angeles.
If we offered these deals nationwide, we'd be broke.
That's how awesome these deals are. Stellar.

1/1 RACK

Full Locking Cabinet (42U) 100 Mbps or 20 TB of Premium Bandwidth
20 Amps $999/mo 40 Amps $1299/mo


Half Locking Cabinet (21U) 50 Mbps or 10 TB of Premium Bandwidth
10 Amps $599/mo 20 Amps $699/mo


Quarter Locking Cabinet (10U) 25 Mbps or 5 TB of Premium Bandwidth
5 Amps $399/mo 10 Amps $499/mo


1U Server Colocation 5 Mbps 2 Amps only $75/mo
2U Server Colocation 5 Mbps 2 Amps only $99/mo
4U Server Colocation 5 Mbps 2 Amps only $199/mo

Features include but are not limited to:

Premium Bandwidth, 24/7 Support
100,1000 Mbps Customer Access Ports
Class A and B Power Amplifiers Available
BGP-speaking Redundant Network Architecture
Multi-Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet Networks
Cisco Carrier Routing System for Core Networks
Uninterruptible Power Supply and Generator Backup
SAS 70 Type II Data Center in Downtown LA

Colocation America offers competitive colocation and dedicated server prices for those outside the LA area as well, please contact us for a quote.

For any questions and further information, please contact us:

(213) 928-6929

COLOCATION AMERICA is the industry leader in enterprise level colocation hosting providing top quality services and features to our clients at competitive prices.

We operate through 22 data centers around the United States, located in five major cities: Los Angeles San Francisco Chicago New York New Jersey.

P.S.: Deals ---> stellar