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03-01-2012, 05:23 AM
Hi Everybody,
Search engine optimization is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a website from search engines via "natural" or unpaid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results as opposed to search engine marketing which deals with paid inclusion. Many times your website designer doesn't even realize this is being done. Your creative team is more concerned with the visual presentation than to worry about something they consider more of a minor nuisance". Images and photographs are often neglected when applying a web page. Although they don't carry as much SEO weight as they used to, it doesn't mean they should be ignored.

Here are 5 ways to maximizing results through images and photos :

1. Submit Name : The computer file name is the name of the picture or image that is kept on your computer (i.e. YourCompanyLogo.jpg) and is often neglected when posting photographs to websites and public networking systems. The computer file name area can offer SEO support for your concentrate on key terms. Before posting images or photographs to your web page or public networking account take an extra small to involve concentrate on key terms in your picture. Don't be spammy about the computer file titles. Instead, concentrate on building a picture computer file name that represents the picture.

2. Alt Tags : Alt Meta data are used to be an alternative information source for individuals with screen viewers, for customers that have selected to disarm images in their windows, and google. The key terms that are involved in alt Meta data are less essential for SEO than they used to be, but making them clear can adversely affect your web pr. So take a small to involve an alt tag with every picture on your web page.

3. Photograph Title : Photograph brands are the illustrative pop-ups that are viewed when you float over a picture on a web page. This is more for web design than for SEO, but you should do properly if carried out. If you are using picture brands on your web page be sure to keep them short, appropriate, and different.

4. Picture Sharing : Starting up a Reddit, Picasa, or other image discussing account for business photographs and pictures can offer SEO benefits to your web page. Within these records you can often add Geo-targeting to your collections and concentrate on keywords both the sayings and illustrative job areas. This technique needs little repair and is simple to apply.

5. Photos on Facebook : Uploading photographs on Facebook or my-space is not only a good way to produce marketing and sales communications from enthusiasts, but they also open the opportunity to propagate knowledge. After you have downloaded photographs to Facebook or my-space it is valuable to go back and tag individuals, locations, activities, or firms in the photographs or images. Adding your photographs will help to get the Facebook or my-space page more visibility in other news nourishes.

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