View Full Version : Google Instant Playing A Major Role In SEO

03-05-2012, 06:20 AM
Hi Everybody,
Last month, world-renowned search engine Google.com released a new feature to its search engine results page or SERP called Google Instant. After hearing about it, people became concerned about the effects it could cause SEO and PPC advertising. They began to question the significance of these Internet marketing strategies now that Google Instant has rolled out.

Yet for those who have been in the search engine marketing business long enough to have understood how SEO works, they know the answer to the question, “Is SEO dead?” and that answer is NO. In fact, SEO will not die, since its techniques are dynamic and can adapt to changes in, for instance, user search behavior, which may have an effect on the SEO strategy.

Before pointing out Google Instant factors that can influence SEO and PPC, familiarizing what the new Google feature is about is crucial.

The Lowdown on Google Instant

Instant Influences

Pay Per Click