View Full Version : Google Squared- A New And Improved Searching From Google

03-05-2012, 07:29 AM
Your favorite search engine is about to get better. Google is rolling out changes that will revolutionize the way you search, will reform SEO technique, and will revamp the kind of answers that web searches will give you. It’s called Google Squared.

Essentially, Google Squared is a major overhaul of Google’s search capabilities. Rather than merely spin out a list of websites in order of most relevant down to least relevant, Google will actually analyze the data, and organize the search results in a more intuitive and workable format-a spreadsheet of sorts. Now, you can use dynamic filters (beyond just “and” or “not”) which will make the information more relevant, including how updated it is, or how specifically related it is. Perhaps you can call it “smart searching.”

Already, Google has successfully experimented with this type of searching. For example, type in “time in Dubai,” and at the very top of the search results page, next to a clock icon, will be the exact Dubai time, regardless of where you are located. Or, try “Weather in Chicago,” and you will get an instant four-day forecast, complete with current conditions, plus high and low temperatures. Google “Tiger Woods score,” and find out his last tournament, his points, and his ranking. This is the kind of refined, targeted, and useful information that Google Squared can deliver.

According to reports, users can change the visual format of the search results in order to best suit their needs and searching habits. A “wonder wheel” feature will display a graphical ordering of related searches. While you may know the name “Tiger Woods,” you may not know his biggest sponsor, his next tournament, the names of his kids, or what his net worth is. The Wonder Wheel will automatically supply users with additional information based on related searches.

The new search features mark a key development in Google’s already-dominating search engine presence. You may not be able to exactly determine “what should I do in life?” from a Google search, but you might get a spreadsheet with some good options.