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09-19-2006, 03:29 AM
A Perfect Plan for .NET enthusiast, programmers, or those who want to start .NET based Websites.

Designed for new and small businesses wanting to establish their first online presence

Start your own Reseller hosting business with just $4.50 and no need to have big capital or setup fee. Pay only when you get clients.

ASP.NET Starter Plan hosting is only hosted and shared with others Starter Plan Hosting.

1 MSSQL Express

MSSQL 2000 or 2005 is available as addon.

You Get 3 MySQL Databases.

You can host 1 website with unlimited email addresses for 1 domain, 1 website statistics,1 DNS Manager and unlimited number of subdomains.

You can host more websites later on as your needs and budget grow by just purchasing New Websites Addon.

You can install DotNetNuke or ASP.NET Starter Kit by adding MSSQL addon.

Create Unlimited DotNetNuke Portal Website

You can point unlimited domain to your existing website

You can install PHPBB Forum, Mambo CMS and other community software that use PHP and MySQL.

The Control Panel Database Chooser provides you with the option to choose MSSQL 2000 or MSSQL 2005 easily depending upon your Database needs.

Prepaid for 1 year and get FREE 3 months hosting or Prepaid for 6 months and get 1 Month free Hosting.