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03-06-2012, 10:45 AM
How to use Facebook to gain traffic for website?

I know very-well facebook is one of the best Social Media Marketing site and I want to know more how to gain traffic with the help of facebook tactic.

Thanks in Advance.

03-07-2012, 01:46 AM
Make a Facebook page for your company or brand whatever it is, make people aware of that, share interesting posts, involve them, thats increase no. of fans in your pages thats lead traffic....

03-07-2012, 06:20 AM
An active social presence is the key to quality traffic. Here’s how,
- Post crisp, interesting wall posts frequently
- Promote your Facebook fan page as email signatures
- Write on related walls
- Interacting with your audience (organizing contests/ polls etc)
- Connect your twitter profile with your Facebook page
- Distribute coupons
- Add Facebook widget on your website
- Get people to join via SMS

The idea is to keep the ball rolling and plan moves to indulge your existing fans...

03-07-2012, 06:41 AM
Create your business page on FB and invite friends to like the page. Also keep posting latest updates on the page. All those who like your page will get the info you share. If you are looking for more traffic, you can go for adverts on FB. The charges are not much, you will get high reach also.

03-08-2012, 01:02 AM
You just offer some free opportunities to your fan page and post your URL see you will get huge traffic.

03-08-2012, 02:36 AM
I would like to suggest you to offer some free opportunities to your fan page and post your URL see you will get huge traffic.

03-08-2012, 05:50 AM
I don't look at Facebook as something where you can get new customers. It's more of a place where your fans can talk with each other and with you. When you let them talk, you're going to be able to know what they want. You should share good content on your brand page's wall regularly. And that content should reflect on what the people who are leaving comments on your page want you to share.

03-08-2012, 11:31 PM
SEM is an acronym (search engine marketing). Its technique helps in advertisements of new business. It also fetches backlink and generates traffics to the website.

03-09-2012, 01:08 AM
First of all add those friends those are good for your business. Do not make unnecessary friend and follow fake people . Keep on sharing with update content.

03-09-2012, 02:17 AM
yes its true facebook can give big traffic on your site..

Openxcell Inc
03-12-2012, 02:05 AM
It would be great thing if there would be good and attractive fan page over the facebook and interesting post. These how you could gain more visitor to your website through these facebook.