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09-24-2006, 09:47 PM
Ready for RELIABLE web hosting that offers PROMPT service as well as support...
BEFORE and AFTER the sale?? ;)

Consider HostCaters.com! (http://www.hostcaters.com) We focus on quality...not quanity!
And we are still around, established since 1999! Most clients have been with us for years!

We're prompt, professional AND RELIABLE!

We offer plans from 50MB-500MB - 5-15GB BW per month (sufficient for most websites!)All HostCaters.com accounts come with a STABLE and RELIABLE control panel (not cPanel!) We use the Alabanza control panel which is properiety software and our clients love it. Every account receives their own DEDICATED I.P., and 2 parked domains on the main account.

COMPARE PLANS and FEATURES (http://www.hostcaters.com/aplans.html)

ALABANZA CONTROL PANEL (http://www.hostcaters.com/images/panel2.gif)

Sign Up Now On Our 2-4-1 DEAL!! :)
Buy any account, any plan contract and receive another seperate account absolutely FREE.
Your 2nd account will have its own control panel, disk space, BW, dedicated IP and plenty of features.

2-4-1 SALE!!! LIMITED TIME OFFER!! (http://www.hostcaters.com/twoforone.html)
To SWEETEN THE DEAL we are adding SiteXPRESS completely FREE to any account as well.

Whats SiteXPRESS? A powerful, NO HTML required editor with over 300 templates and 30 categories! SiteXPRESS is normally sold as an "add-on" with a one time fee of $29.95 but on our 2-4-1 DEAL we are waiving the fee
A 10 day free trial IS still available with SiteXPRESS (no hosting account required) For more info: SiteXPRESS (http://www.xpress.hostcaters.com/sxpress/sxpress.html)

Looking for client reviews? :o
Onsite reviews (http://www.hostcaters.com/kudos.html)

HostSearch Reviews (http://www.hostsearch.com/review/hostcaterscom_review.asp)

FindSP Reviews (http://www.findsp.com/Hosting/Reviews/ShowReviews.asp?CompanyID=196&return_url=%2FHosting%2FReviews%2FReviewCompany%2E asp%3FCompanyID%3D196&)

We offer a solid 30 day money back guarantee. No setup fees!
No hassles should you sign up for a yearly hosting plan we will pro-rate your refund for your unused months should you decide to cancel.

All major CC and Paypal welcome
Catch us on live chat or simple email admin at hostcaters.com for any questions. :o

Must use the coupon code in the comments box on order form: