View Full Version : Five Tips for On-Page Search Engine Optimization

03-13-2012, 08:25 AM
Hi Everybody,
Broadly speaking, any serviceable search engine optimization campaign should be comprised of two parts- on-page and off-page. Off-page SEO requires a significant and consistent investment of time and effort to produce results, but a little time and understanding can greatly boost your on-page SEO.

Things that make your web site easier for search engine crawlers to navigate will improve your on-page SEO. If crawlers can easily navigate and understand the structure and content of your web site, your relevance and value scores will benefit - and more importantly, so will your readers. Here are some useful tips that can produce rapid results with minimum fuss :

1. Use Header Tags

2. Look Out For Dead Links

3. Use Words in URLs

4. Use a Reliable Host

5. Avoid Flash Home Pages Like the Plague

Above all, remember the golden rule: changes to your site that are good for your readers are usually good for your search engine rankings.