View Full Version : Meta Tags Importance

03-15-2012, 02:44 AM
Hey Everyone when i analysis that there are many meta tags are available and these are important for the sites optimization also.
But i found in many webmaster resources that some meta tags are no useful such that

<META NAME="zip code" content=" ">
<META NAME="city" content=" ">
<META NAME="State" content=" ">
<META NAME="country" content=" ">
<META NAME="Expires" CONTENT="never">
<META NAME="Copyright" CONTENT=" ">
<META NAME="Designer" CONTENT=" ">
<META NAME="Publisher" CONTENT=" ">

But i search in net and found that the meta tags "zip code" is very useful to search a website location and it is very easy to search by any search engines.I want to know
about <META> tags importance also.Although we are use some <Meta> tags <META NAME="Description" CONTENT=" "> , <META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT=" "> , <META NAME="Revisit-After" CONTENT="21 Days"> , <META NAME="Robots" CONTENT="all">

Some search results says that zip code,city,State,country,Expires,Copyright,Designer etc are use less???