View Full Version : Search Engine Optimization - Keyword Is the Key

03-23-2012, 06:58 AM
Search Engine Optimization is required to assure online visibility of your website in search engine results when a related word is searched by an internet user. It is a strategic to increase you website traffic. So it is really important for your website to appear in top search results in order to get more visitors directed from search engine.

The most important thing in Search Engine Optimization are the keywords. The are the basis of crawling and indexing by a search engine. The Internet User searches on the internet based on keywords which come to his mind of the thing he is looking for. SEO based on keywords for optimization is known as Natural SEO. It is also known as organic search and the most ethical way of Search Engine Optimization. Keyword based SEO comes under On-page Optimization.

Given below are some tips which can be useful for structuring a website with efficient use of keywords in following areas of a web page :

1. Domain Name

2. URL of Webpage

3. Title

4. Headings and their formatting

5. Content and Body