View Full Version : Windows VPS under $25

10-14-2006, 12:55 PM
Are there any Windows VPS service which is cheaper than $25 ?

10-22-2006, 06:27 AM
Hello budy,

Expecting more in less expense! Not possible if you are really interested in hosting your website which will cost you 19 monthly:)

10-26-2006, 06:34 PM
The only reason that price is a concern is because you are requestiong Windows. If you were to run a Linux based OS then you should have no trouble at all finding a VPS server for that price. www.KnownHost.com is one place that you can find it at for $20, but they are running centOS 4.4. www.VPShosting.net also has plans for $25, but it is UNIX. Now if you want Window you can check out www.RackForce.com, but there cheapest plan is $59. You have to cover the cost of the licensing for Windows, which is why it is more expensive.