View Full Version : Frequent SEO Errors That You Should Avoid

03-28-2012, 01:30 AM
Beginners in the web optimization can often make errors, in their attempt to improve the ranking position for their web page. These errors can directly affect the effect of the search engine on their page and should therefore be avoided as much as possible. In this article you will be presented with some particularly useful suggestions on how to avoid these errors and obtain the desired results for the page you are administering.

First, ignoring the "Title" tag is one of the most common errors committed, with direct negative effect in terms of positioning of your site in search engines. Most search engines regard the 'title' tag as very important because the information entered here is displayed as the name of the page. Therefore make sure you always use a relevant title for your page, ideally including keywords as well. Try to enter the title keywords that you consider as having the greatest relevance to your website.

A certain category of webmasters uses irrelevant keywords that are designed to increase website traffic. If you are considering developing an online business, the keywords that you use should have a larger relevance in relation to the areas in which you operate. For example, it is unnecessary to use keywords such as 'music' if your domain is finance. Users coming to your site looking for 'music' will move on and those seeking financial information will not benefit the services you offer.

Next, spamming is an unethical practice, defined by repeatedly using the same keywords in the title tag, meta tag and content. This method is used to improve a site's position artificially and is one of the most basic mistakes. This is because search engines detect these techniques and will rank your web site at a lower position. In addition to this, you will also be exposed to the risk of being completely banned.

Invisible text and links is a method used for tricking the search engines. Web pages are full of links and keywords that are hidden from the user but visible to search engines. The problem is that search engines now have the ability to detect such techniques, so you should avoid making this mistake by all means.