View Full Version : 6 Things Dragging Your Social Media Down

03-28-2012, 02:04 AM
We all reach the point where the shine has worn off of our social media efforts. We feel like we've hit a wall and the much-hoped-for results don't quite meet our expectations.

The rose-colored glasses come off and we're not thrilled with what we see.

If you think your efforts are falling flat and that you aren't getting all the bang for your buck, there are likely some issues that can be easily corrected. Here are six of the top things that could be dragging down your social media efforts :

1. You think filtering is a bad thing

2. You don't follow interesting tidbits

3. Close your mouth and listen up

4. Complete the social media cycle

5. Don't be afraid to hit the "off" switch

6. Apply what you're reading to your situation