View Full Version : Tips on Internet Business Marketing: Effective Use of Your Website

03-28-2012, 01:18 AM
Your website is a reflection of your business, and hence make sure you have a clean and simple website with concise and quality content. The key to having a great website starts from the url itself, which is the name of your website. Pick a url that will attract attention and yet will not sound like a hoax. A well designed website will obviously and advantage, but is not a prerequisite, you can get your basics right and still be successful over the Internet. This is the age where everyone is looking for simple and straight things, if you complicate your website too much and add unnecessary embellishments, it will definitely be a turn off for the visitors. Use an appropriate color scheme and graphics for your website. Marketing is all about building relation and enhancing communication with your audience. Give all the details about your business, starting from the history, the achievements and benchmarks and current credentials and clientèle. It is always wise to categorize the information in separate tabs, which gives a clear and systematic look to the website.

Do not make your website look boring with the use of extensive text, always use interesting graphics and photographs to illustrate the text messages and bring harmony to the website. Add detailed information about all the achievements and successful business projects undertaken and completed so far. Always provide a feedback option wherein people who are interested can revert back to you with their queries. Provide links to other related web pages like your recent press releases, your blog sites etc to pique the interest of the readers. Try and conduct various polls and contests on your websites and announce prizes for the winners. Increased readership often translates into increased profits and hence acts as a major boost to the business.