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10-16-2006, 01:11 PM
To ALL Who Asked about ProBuilderPLUS...
Don't miss this opportunity!


Every day I get dozens of emails asking me what I think of ProBuilder Plus, and is it a program I endorse or recommend.

http://www.Pro-Builder-PLUS.com/images/banner4.jpg (http://FastBuilder.eQ19.com/)

The answer is simple...

I got money, you can get money, my downline's got money, who could ask for anything more...

Okay so I changed the words of an old song, but you get the idea.

ProBuilder Plus is one of the best programs I have seen in a long time. Here's what I like about it.

It is specially designed to help everyone make money, even newbies, and it has a suite of tools to achieve that ambitious goal.

I joined free and, instantly emails started appearing in my inbox. The subject lines fascinated me.

"Here you go Monty, we put Kathy under you..."
"Here you go Monty, we put James under you..."
"Another One Monty - Joseph just joined YOUR Powerline..."
"Monty - AWESOME Mark just Upgraded to Member in YOUR DOWNLINE..."

They just kept coming.

http://Fast.ProBuilderPLUS.com (http://FastBuilder.eQ19.com/)

I decided to test this new program out by upgrading to a paid member status.

I had tried programs that followed up like this before and as soon as I paid, guess what, no more messages or signups came in. I reasoned I could always cancel if it didn't work out.

To my surprise, these wonderful announcements still kept coming and with in 3 days, my powerline had grown to over 1,000 and I was on target to earn $300.00 a month.

By the time day 5 arrived, I had achieved my second goal, $500 a month and I am now halfway to my 3rd goal of $1,000 a month. All in 7 days.

ProBuilder Plus really works and here's why...

They have...

http://www.Pro-Builder-PLUS.com/images/banner3.jpg (http://FastBuilder.eQ19.com/)

1. An autoresponder follow-up system that makes you want to upgrade.
2. A matrix structure and pay plan that almost guarantees you make money.
3. Lead capture pages that get the job done.
4. A traffic rotator that allows you to funnel traffic to your downline.
5. Online training that highlights simple steps to success.
6. A Contact Manager that allows to to stay in touch with people you personally sponsor.
7. A tool that allows you to send a voice message to thousands of people per MINUTE.

Plus way too much more to mention here...

Downside: You will get a lot of emails like the ones I mentioned above, stating so and so joined your team or upgraded to member.

If you can handle those, I recommend you join now and upgrade to member before every man and his dog joins it. You want them in your team, not some body else's, right :-)

Join here

http://FastBuilder.eQ19.com/images/banner2.gif (http://FastBuilder.eQ19.com/)

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