View Full Version : Great Ideas To Diversify Your Blog Content

04-03-2012, 04:10 AM
Hi Everyone,
Content is king and always will be, especially for bloggers who earn their living by providing valuable information. Indeed, content is the first thing your blog visitors notice and the only thing they come back for.
Many people join the blogosphere because they feel strong about writing and want to say something new to the world. However, bloggers often get stuck to their posting schedule and write the same style of articles over and over again. This can get dull for both you and your readers. Text posts are great, but they are not the be-all-end-all of blogging. Don't be afraid to experiment and try to diversify your content with something that will surprise your readers and make them coming back for more. Here is a roundup of five original ideas how your blog content can be diversified and what tools may be helpful to achieve that :

1. Infographic :
Infographic is an awesome way to deploy complex information in visually attractive datasets. It may consist of annotated charts, graphs, visualized maps, diagrams, circles, timelines and other stuff of the kind. Infographic can make your blog post more eye-catching and get bigger coverage on the Internet.

2. Slideshow :
Slideshows can be of two types: educational presentation and photo slideshow. Both suit perfectly to display series of meaningful information and engage your blog readers. If you feel skilled enough to make your own research, PowerPoint is the best option to start your experiment with.

3. Video interview :
The power of video is often underrated. Indeed, bloggers often forget that video can deliver a message more effectively, key points accentuated and emotions well-observed. Plus, videos save visitors from reading long passages. Video interviews are the content you can easily do with the help of Skype and a video recording software like Snagit or CamStudio.

4. List :
People love having a wide range of items to choose from. All these "Top-10", "Best-100" or A to Z lists contribute to better post structuring and let readers compare items within one list. You can make a list of whatever concerning your blog niche: helpful resources, tools, videos, tips, workarounds, or tricky ways to do something. People often scan through posts give them reason to to pause and take a second look at the items they got interested with.

5. Q&A :
If your blog is strictly niche-oriented and you receive tons of emails and comments, assign a post to frequently-asked questions. An advantage of such posts is that you have a chance to speak on multiple topics of little significance. Q&A posts also give a perfect opportunity to build internal linking: just mention previous posts related to the question and make anchor text with targeted keywords.