View Full Version : 5 More Reasons Why You Should Use Windows Live Writer

04-06-2012, 01:48 AM
Hi Everyone,
Below are five more reasons why you should use windows live writer as your desktop blog client.

1. (HTML) Headings
Easily set heading texts. Just place the cursor on text and select the type of heading from the drop-down menu on the toolbar. Set it to h1 (the largest and most important heading), h2, h3, h4, h5 or h6 (the smallest and the least important heading) with a single click.

Headings provide hierarchy and structure to post content, not only to your reader but also to search engine crawlers.

2. Hyperlink attribute settings
Position the cursor on the hyperlink and hit the hyperlink icon on the toolbar to open the above dialog box. You can easily set the following hyperlink attributes.

The ink to open in a new window -automatically inserting target="_blank" in the link.
title tag -to set the content of tool-tip on mouse-over.
rel tag -i.e to set link to no-follow.

3. Image attribute settings
You can choose to link an image to its source or to a separate web page. And you can change the source image size too (if you link the image to the source).

Want to make your image SEO friendly by adding alt (alternate) texts to your images, yet hate having to add them in the post HTML? Well, with WLW you donít have to touch the HTML. Just click the picture, click Advanced tab and enter the text in the box at the bottom.

4. Push-button table insertion
Do you know it takes four HTML tags to make just a single cell table? Yes, you need <table>, <body>, <tr> and <td> tags. And of course for the tags to work, you have to properly nest them. But then again why bother, with WLW you donít have to know any HTML to create a table. Adding it to your post is just a few clicks away.

5. Auto pinging
Let the world know when you publish a new post. Add your favorite ping services to the ping servers list in Tools > Options > Ping Servers. Every time you publish a post, WLW will ping them for you.