View Full Version : Tips to Consider in Creating an Effective Landing Page

04-06-2012, 01:07 AM
Hi Everyone,
Creating an effective landing page is crucial to your professional SEO and social media campaigns as it can significantly increase the conversion of new visitors into leads or sales as well as improve your marketing ROI which is the ultimate goal of an online business.
There are lots of ways to consider if you want to make your landing page a huge success and here are some of them :

1. Make it Relevant

2. Keep it Simple, Short, Clear and Focus

3. Have Strong and Clear Headlines

4. Be Clear and Specific

5. Provide Multiple Calls to Action

6. Make your Layout Design Simpler and Cleaner

7. Provide Enough Detail to Support the Response Decision

8. Check Multiple Landing Pages

9. Make Use of Meaningful Graphics

10. Follow Eye-Tracking