View Full Version : Five Tips For A Future Proof SEO Campaign

04-17-2012, 03:55 AM
Hi Everyone,
I've been working in SEO for several years now and I've seen some dramatic changes in how search engines rank websites. In 2011 we saw the Panda update forcing unique content across the web, in 2010 we saw low quality links become devalued more and more, and so on. Over the years a lot of things in SEO have changed, but some have stayed the same. In this article we're going to talk about ways to future proof your SEO campaign -- that is have your hard work today pay off not just tomorrow but well into the future.

Obviously no one knows what the future holds, but these tips will act as a great guide for what most SEO firms are doing to make sure your campaign is future proof. Make sure you ask your SEO provider about what they're doing to work for you well into the future, and use this article as a guide on what you should be asking.

1. Link Diversity Is Key

2. Produce Good Content

3. Stay White Hat

4. Quality > Quantity

5. Always View SEO As A Long Term Strategy