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09-21-2004, 04:22 AM
Dear visitors

We at www.webwhipper.net now operate a new kind of hosting

We call it "pay as you go hosting"
This system is Similar to mobile phones (Cell phones)

You only pay for what you use.

Any reseller whether ist be an agent a webdesigner or someone wisihing to start up a hosting business will get a free account.

You can host their own websites for free.
You get your own complete hosting control panel
This includes complete billing control andmore.
You charge your custmers what you like
You only pay us for the diskspace and bandwidth you use

Again your on sites are free.

We are www.webwhipper.net or .com

You can simply try us and see how you get on
We use paypal for all payment facilities
Why? Well this way we have NO control over your credit card and can not charge you anything more then what is displayed in your billing
YOU control your own hosting and billing

You even get a credit facility to start hosting for just 1 EURO
This is needed to allow you to use a Credit Card as a ZERO startup
payment cannot be accepted by paypal
(Please charge 0$ to my credit card is a bit funny)

Visit us and let us know what you think
Or simply start today.
www.webwhipper.net or webwhipper.com for more info
And happy hosting.

Please note: this is not a scam, no hidden costs.
This is only for anyone wisihing to host their own cusotmers
Ours system will automatically detect this