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12-06-2006, 10:13 PM
For a limited time ServerSupportGuys is offering FREE Server Wide Secondary MX and backup DNS services with all ManagePlus accounts + free remote backup up to 250GB. Total extras worth $500/mo!

Take advantage of this offer and give your server the extra security it needs. For ONE entire week get the piece of mind you need at a price you can afford. Signup today and receive the best in high availability services!

Server Management Plans:

Product URL: http://serversupportguys.com/management.html


- Supporting all Major Control Panels + *nix & Windows Platforms
- Pro Active 24x7x365 Service Monitoring & Response Services
- Ease-of-use. Submit Tickets, Check Monitoring History, and Manage Billing from one login.
- Security Vulnerability Audit and Risk Assessment Services
- Multi-Point International Firm with 'Clean' Connections.
- Secure Facility and Information Access Regulatory Standards in place.
- Pre-Emptive Vulnerability Response & Patching
- Automatic + Free Software Updates (3rd Party & Core OS)
- Installation of Firewall System (SSG Custom or APF)
- Installation of R-FX Tools (Upon Request)
- Industry Leading Feature - System Load Threshold Monitoring + Reaction
- 3rd Party Software Versions Monitoring & Response
- On-Demand 24x7 Level I, II, and III Technical Support Services (Unlimited Requests)
- Disaster Recovery Planning & Response
- Industry Leading 5 Minute Response Time SLA
- 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
- Optional End-User Support
- Optional Remote Backup Services + Management

How to get started:

ManagePlus VPS Edition:
$49.95 Per Month
Order Now: https://secure.bytefortress.net/secure_signup/ssg/order.html?plan_id=356

$99.95 Per Month
Order Now: https://secure.bytefortress.net/secure_signup/ssg/order.html?plan_id=325

$299.95 Per Month
Order Now: https://secure.bytefortress.net/secure_signup/ssg/order.html?plan_id=326

Have Questions? Let us know today by emailing sales@serversupportguys.com or come visit us on LiveChat!