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06-12-2012, 05:01 AM
In order to make things better for a website, you should be aware of the guidelines. If you want to achieve a good page ranking ten you need to do something strong. Five years is the least time that should be acquiring if you want to certain that your website will be registered well. You could make some things or even use Google tools when you want to have your site website confirmed. Make links if you must into your home page. What is your opinion on this?

06-12-2012, 07:35 AM
directory submission , forum , Article submission is very imp.

06-13-2012, 12:54 AM
Blog commenting, blogging, forum posting, article submission can help you.

06-13-2012, 01:10 AM
1. Update the site daily: Post something daily to your website as people are looking for new and latest stuff on internet. Strong keyword which attracts visitors: Do some research and come up with list of keywords which people are searching in internet. Use those keywords on your site in articles.

2. Post site link (signature) in forums: Post your website link in forums which are related to your website. Make sure that the post in forum should be informative and helpful for others then only they will visit your website.

3. Backlinks: Backlinks, also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links, are incoming links to a website or web page. In basic link terminology, a backline is any link received by a web node (web page, directory, website, or top level domain) from another web node.

4. Directory submissions: Online directory submission is a process which includes identification of proper category and filing the website or webpage detail in particular related category and get it approved by directory editor.

5. Article submissions: Write some article related to your website and submit it to any article directories.

6. Classified ads: Advertise your website using advertising services, there are many free classifieds out there where you can specify your website and get some traffic from them.