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12-13-2006, 07:28 PM
Tired of DEADBEAT or NON-RESPONSIVE web host? :(

Try HostCaters! (http://www.hostcaters.com) We Respond!

We offer shared/reseller hosting plans that range from 50MB-500MB, 5-15GB BW per month. These plans service MOST websites just fine.
Dont be fooled into thinking you need 5GB space when the reality is you wont need over 500MB!

Average websites still use less than 100MB space and 2GB BW!! Our most popular plan is the 150MB Promo

You can expect quality service, prompt support, BEFORE and AFTER the sale. We've been in business since 1999.

We offer the Alabanza Control Panel (http://www.hostcaters.com/images/panel2.gif)
Easy to use and its also STABLE and RELIABLE!

From our testimonial (http://www.hostcaters.com/kudos.html) page:
I'm only too pleased to tell people of the service I've had from HostCaters, and not only just the skilled professional support and assistance.
Particularly in the very early days when I encountered problems caused entirely by me being a newbie.
Even though technically not the responsibility of HostCaters, not once did you and your team fail to respond to me with anything but friendliness, understanding and patience, guiding me to the solutions I needed.

Our December 2006 Holiday Deals - Dec. 31, 2006

ALL ACCOUNTS receive an additional 50MB Disk Space + SiteXPRESS FREE added upon signup. Good on ANY plan OR contract.
Compare All Plans (http://www.hostcaters.com/aplans.html)
Free Trial SiteXPRESS (http://xpress.hostcaters.com/sxpress/sxpress.html)

2006 Holiday Deals (http://www.hostcaters.com/holiday06.html)
PAY6GET12 offer good on our most popular plan: 150MB PROMO.
Total cost for one year web hosting is $77.70. (normal: $135.00 yr.)
Your average monthly cost is $6.50 (FREE additional 50mb space + SiteXPRESS)

2006 Special - 500MB space - 15GB BW + FREEBIES - $20.06 MO.

2006 Special - RESELLER PLUS PLAN - 400MB - SAVE NOW! - $20.06 MO.

Resold plans have the same control panel, etc. we offer our own clients and you will be able to customize the look with your own co. info.
PLUS ADD DOMAINS right through your control panel.
Optional Personalized Name Servers (ns,ns2) included.
Add accounts for as little as $4.00 each. RESOLD plans come with their own control panel, own dedicated IP number, disk space, bandwidth and a number of other features.
For more info:

Our reseller plans are ideal for web designers wishing to enhance their business to offer hosting. We support YOU and YOU support your client. Reseller offer not advertised on website. You must have the coupon to get your 2006 discount price!

We offer a full 30day money back guarantee on our services! If you opt for a 6 or 12 month plan we DO pro-rate any refund for un-used months should you decide to cancel. We accept all major CC and Paypal.

Paste the appropriate code into the order form in the comments box when ordering:

2006 Special - 500MB space - 15GB BW - $20.06 MO.

Pay6 Get12 - 150MB Promo - $77.70 year

2006 Special - RESELLER PLUS PLAN - 400MB - SAVE NOW! - $20.06 MO

Contact us at admin at hostcaters.com or via live chat on the website. :o