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06-25-2012, 09:29 PM
Andie's Host Box (http://andieshostbox.com) is a new, fully functional post2host and paid hosting provider. We provide Shared, Reseller, and Master Reseller Hosting. Our support team is dedicated to serving you, and we strive to keep our plans fair and our customers happy.

To view our plans, please click on the corresponding link:

Shared Plans (http://andieshostbox.com/wp/?page_id=5)
Reseller Plans (http://andieshostbox.com/wp/?page_id=7)
Master Reseller Plans (http://andieshostbox.com/wp/?page_id=9)

To view our forums (MyBB), please click here (http://andieshostbox.com/home/).

Thanks for taking the time to read our thread. Good luck in your search!