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08-13-2012, 05:08 AM
Authenticate code with Cheapest Comodo Code Signing Certificate at just $75.24/Yr from Platinum Certificate Authority "CheapestSSLs" on global scale.

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Key Advantages of Comodo Code Signing Certificate:

1) Customers Trust and Confidence: Comodo Code Signing Certificate assures web customers that integrity of the code which they download from your website is secured and it hasn’t been tempered or altered in transit.

2) Validation: Helping you preserve your business reputation and intellectual property.

3) Industry-Standard Technology: Most browsers will not accept action commands from downloaded code unless the code is signed by a certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority, such as Comodo.

4) Ease of Use: Comodo Code signing certificates are easy to use in conjunction with the vendor software tools that developers use to create products, macros and objects.

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