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08-22-2012, 12:13 PM
SolidShellSecurity.com (http://solidshellsecurity.com)
We mean business when it comes to working with you!

We have been working with businesses and personal professionals for years now and we understand what the desires and needs are
which is why we are here to meet those needs.

We provide managed support for every product offered and will work with you to ensure your needs are being met
to ensure that your business/website is being fully taken care of and becoming a success story. Your success is our success!

How much do you value your website's reputation and uptime? Let us keep you online and secure!
Don't skimp with cheap hosting! Go with quality hosting!



COUPON CODE: 75offDP - take 75 off first invoice! (select monthly billing)

COUPON CODE: 50off-1jf02md - take 50% off for life (select monthly billing)

COUPON CODE: FREEUSB1 - receive a free 8GB USB Flash Drive*

COUPON CODE: 3monthme - Get first 3 months for $1 (select quarterly billing)


[ Dedication to our clients ]
We value every one of our customers, without customers we wouldn't have a successful business like we do today, which is why we provide our full dedication and focus towards our customers, to ensure that they are taken care of and are given the best service possible.

[ We will move you ]
No problem! We will take care of everything necessary to transfer you to our servers free of charge. Just sit back and relax as we take care of all of the work for you. NO downtime at all for your site! Even get free security checks!

[ Server Setup/Info ]
Our business grade hosting servers are tweaked for perfomance, stability and security. Our powerful hardware has been configured to make sure your sites are always available, fast and secure. We also have configured several different types of security software and hardware options to ensure all types of attacks are blocked before they reach your website.

[ ZERO Overselling ]
It has become a general trend in the industry for hosting companies to offer unfeasible amounts of storage and transfer in hopes of gaining customers on that notion alone. However, at SolidShellSecurity, we promise to never allocate more resources than we have available! All our business grade hosting has been configured and setup in their own virtual hosting directories to provide protection, security, and additional performance enhancements. This way your site will always have the needed resources that it requires.

http://solidshellsecurity.com/awards.php (links to many review sites)

[ The Support ]
24/7/365 Support via Phone, Live Chat, and Ticket System (Email)
Automatic daily, weekly, monthly Off-Site Data Backups (with secondary backups)
24/7/365 Server Monitoring

[ Whats included ]
FAST SETUP - No delay - your site will normally be live in seconds!
Cloud Flare Ready!
One click installers like Softaculous (We also install/configure custom web apps/needs by request)
Managed Support - we will work with you
PARTNERSHIP DEALS! As an active member gain access to ALL THIS (http://solidshellsecurity.com/partners.php)
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Attracta Built in SEO Tools
User Level and System Wide spam protection
Private label and Custom Name Servers (ns1/ns2.yourdomain)
Off Site Mirror Backups for extra backup protection
Online Webmail and FTP (includes Roundcube, Horde, SquirrelMail)
Spam Protection - Realtime spam blocklists
Enhanced Caching(faster page loading with nginx/varnish frontend support)
Intrusion Detection Scanning
Shell Protection - Virtual Directory Support. Isolation for your files and website(s)
DomainKeys & SPF Settings
HIGH PHP memory 512MB! and upload limits(2GB) for your scripts
Security Scans: Monitoring to keep your sites safe from attacks like shells, backdoors, spam, viruses, and more! We protect your sites reputation.
Email features included: Automatic Virus scanning, Spam Assassin, Clam AV, POP3 Accounts, SMTP, IMAP, Auto Responders, Mailing List, Mail Forward and much more!
CURL, ImageMagick, GD, PHP 5, MySQL 5, CGI, IonCube, Zend Optimizer and more!
Even more! Will do custom requests as needed!

[ The Security and Performance ]
HACKED!? Let us scan and upload your site to make sure your site is protected and secured.
Everyone of our servers are locked down and run the latest tools to prevent unauthorized access
We understand how much you hate spam and don't want to have to sort through it. That is why we run a very tight mail server with modifcations being made by the hour to block spam. You can read more about how we block and stop spam here (http://www.solidshellsecurity.com/services/stop_spam.php)
Bot and privacy blocking security protection installed moment your hosting account is setup

(before discounts)

Package-1 | $1.95/mo
CL Processes Count: 50
No Database or Query Limits to MySQL
PHP Memory: 512MB
Upload Limits: 2GB
CPU: Very high usage allowed.
RAM: Very high usage allowed.
ORDER (http://solidshellsecurity.com/clients/cart.php?a=add&pid=15)

Package-2 | $3.95/mo
CL Processes Count: 50
No Database or Query Limits to MySQL
PHP Memory: 512MB
Upload Limits: 2GB
CPU: Very high usage allowed.
RAM: Very high usage allowed.
ORDER (http://solidshellsecurity.com/clients/cart.php?a=add&pid=16)

Package-3 | $6.95/mo
CL Processes Count: 50
No Database or Query Limits to MySQL
PHP Memory: 512MB
Upload Limits: 2GB
CPU: Very high usage allowed.
RAM: Very high usage allowed.
ORDER (http://solidshellsecurity.com/clients/cart.php?a=add&pid=17)

Package-4 | $8.95/mo (best deal. recommended)
CL Processes Count: 50
No Database or Query Limits to MySQL
PHP Memory: 512MB
Upload Limits: 2GB
CPU: Very high usage allowed.
RAM: Very high usage allowed.
ORDER (http://solidshellsecurity.com/clients/cart.php?a=add&pid=18)

What means of contact do I have, as a customer, to get in touch with your support team?
We offer support tickets, live chat, as well as a toll free support phone number for our clients to contact us.

We also will work on you at a personal level. You can at anytime get in contact with a personal agent and they will work and assisit you with your needs to their best ability.

There are thousands of hosts out there, why should I buy from you?
We are a reputable provider that has been providing professional hosting services to many businesses, families, personal use, and more. We take pride in providing awesome and amazing services to clients.

[ Contact Us ]
Phone: 2055383601
Skype: SolidShellSecurity
General: info@solidshellsecurity.com
Support: support@solidshellsecurity.com
Billing: sales@solidshellsecurity.com

Looking for deals, updates, announcements and more?
Follow Us: https://twitter.com/#!/SolidSSecurity
Stalk Us: https://www.facebook.com/SolidShellSec

* USB Flash Drives are sent out between 3-5days for certified paypals after invoice is paid fully. Uncertified will not be sent out till 2nd invoice. All USB Flash drives are mailed out in batches. We ship to the address submitted on signup which we have on record. No acceptions. There must be a valid website and domain hosted and running or this offer is voided. Will only ship to the lower 48 United States.