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08-28-2012, 11:46 AM
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All our servers build with high performance hardware, setup with hardware RAID10 disk array, coupled with latest Intel Xeon CPU. We provides comprehensive, wide range and affordable virtual private servers (VPS) hosting with famous virtualization technology platform such as OpenVZ, Xen, Xen HVM, Windows & IP-PBX for VOIP. No matter use for Enterprise shared / reseller hosting, telephony application like FreePBX, VPN, intranet, gameserver, monitoring server, DNS server, Simulation Application or Backup Server, we have the right solutions that suite your needs.

●●● Client's review:
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●●● Live Server Status
http://chhost.net/vm.htm#status (http://chhost.net/vm.htm#status)

●●● $19.90/mo for Xen VPS plans
(Limited to 15 new signup for our new node)

What included:

1GB guaranteed RAM / 1GB SWAP
100GB Hardware RAID10 Enterprise Grade HDD
1TB Premium Bandwidth

1 IPv4 / IPv6 (EU only)
Full root access
Proactive server monitoring (ping, http, ftp, ssh, dns, or smtp, select one)
Upgradable to shared 1Gbps uplink
Selectable server location
Free best effort technical support for non-managed clients

Xen VPS .................... [ Order Now (https://chhost.net/vip/cart.php?a=add&pid=215) ]All order must pass our fraud verification.
Contact our sales team at sales@chhost.net (sales@chhost.net) for more discount!
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