View Full Version : How To Optimize Flash Websites.?

09-18-2012, 07:54 AM
Hi everyone, i recently got one client site for optimization. I checked with that site and find to be site is full of flash. It is a complete flash website. I heard that Google will not index a site which is full of flash.

What i have to do in order to get flash site to rank in search engines. Is it possible to get flash website to rank for the highly targeted keywords?

09-18-2012, 12:43 PM
all types of website having same SEO Rule for optimisation

09-18-2012, 01:21 PM
you add the html tag and add text to seo

09-18-2012, 06:39 PM
Flash is very hadr for SEO

09-18-2012, 07:32 PM
Nowadays there is a lot less reasons to spend hours optimizing our Flash content for speed because computers are faster and cheaper to buy than 10 years ago. This doesn't mean that we should stuff our flash files with assets without worrying about optimization.

There is a couple of good tricks that will tend to improve the speed and the general performance of Flash files on older and not so old systems.

- Avoid calling a function multiple times from within a loop.
It is better to include the contents of a small function inside the loop.
- Use native functions when possible.
Native functions are faster than user-defined functions.
- Don't overuse the Object type.
Data-type annotations should be precise, because it improves performance. Use the Object type only when there is no reasonable alternative.
- Avoid using the eval() function or array access operator.
Often, setting the local reference once is preferable and more efficient.
- Assign the Array.length to a variable before a loop.
Assign Array.length to a variable before a loop to use as its condition, rather than using myArr.length itself.

08-16-2015, 11:00 AM
There were some problems for the flash games online (http://playit-pk.com/) sites. I don't know if still they are there. The flash sites are not indexed by the search engines. Some browsers like Firefox turn off the flash player by default.