View Full Version : Making Your Business Better: Backup What?!?

02-07-2007, 06:48 PM
So its true that the key to a good business it in its infrastructure. But what happens when the infrastructure has no backup? I'm not talking just of your data of course, but overall. What contingency plans to you have in place for your business?

Is it various connectivity points? Multiple software vendors? Additional servers? Well all of these are very good points to bring up, and you should be concerned about them all. However I'd like to talk primarily of your Data backups here today.

Lets consider it. Do you have remote backups to your business information? Clients information? Their clients information? Its most important to make sure you yourself are covered, but what about your clients ability? Is the data they are collecting from their clients being protected?

Ok, now that we've established that stability, and profitability need to, and can be obtained by addressing this issue, lets review.

Problem - No backup/contingency plan = zero stability.
Need - Stability and profitability coupled within an easily manageable solution.
Solution - ByteFortress LLC's Backup Reseller Program!!

Its simple right? sure it is! Why should providing data backups be so difficult anyway? Well we've taken care of the issues you might otherwise have encounter if you braved setting up a personal backup system, and backed it with our
enterprise grade infrastructure. Not only are you able to provide backups to your clients, but also to your own company with this as well, making this solution even more lucrative.

Sound interesting? Think you could utilize such a package? Let us know!


Simply fill our form out, and include any information in our comment section you'd like. You will receive custom consulting on your very own remote backup solution! Its really that simple.

Also feel free to review our other services if this doesn't fit into your current needs and we'll be happy to consult with you on how we can better facilitate your backup needs.

Thanks,and we at ByteFortress Technologies LLC. look forward to being the provider of your companies piece of mind. Your remote backup solution!!