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Server Hosting
10-18-2012, 10:01 AM
AXELARIS Hosting proposes a 40% discount for any annual payment of a Hosting (http://www.axelaris-hosting.com/web-hosting) product with this promote code : save40.

The Web Hosting Solutions provided by AXELARIS Hosting integrates many rich Features and can host Unlimited Domains. Delivered with a Dedicated Disk Space and an Unlimited Bandwidth / Unlimited Traffic, your Web Hosting plan is the perfect solution for hosting your Business or personal Websites, your Online e-commerce Store, Blogs and even your Business Applications and Databases. The Web Hosting plans offered by AXELARIS Hosting are the cheapest and the most convenient solutions to start your web hosting Adventure.

Every Web Hosting plan provided by AXELARIS Hosting is powered by Linux Apache MySQL PHP/Perl ready. The LAMP stack allows you to build, host and manage your Website through full control of your hosting solution with :

- Linux as an Operating System
- Apache as a HTTP server
- MySql as a Database
- PHP as a Dynamic Web Page Generator

Come and enjoy AXELARIS Hosting's quality service!
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