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02-26-2007, 04:29 AM
Mxhub - Serving the Web since 2001 !
7th year in service with rock solid support & uptime !

HubBABY - $0/mo - $29 setup fee

1000MB webspace
20GB Bandwidth Traffic
Unlimited POP3 Email accounts
10 FTP accounts
10 Subdomains
Cpanel/Fantastico/PHP4 & 5/MySQL
Full features (http://www.mxhub.com/web-hosting-bargain.php)

Coupon code to use: free12mths

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Payment terms
If you continue hosting with us for more than 12 months, you will required to pay either annual or monthly payments. You can choose whether you wish to pay $84 annually or $8 monthly when you sign up with Mxhub.

Get even more discount!!
Pay only $66/yr or $6.50 for when you own more than 1 HubBABY account with us after 12 months.

What's the catch?
Mxhub really does give you your first 12 months hosting free. There is a once off $29 setup fee and that's it. There are NO FORCED BANNERS or advertising material of any kind, we don't limit your service in any way. It is our standard policy, simply to show you that we want your business and to keep it. We're willing to go that extra distance, and we believe that you'll be so impressed with our service that after the 12 months are up you won't even consider changing to a different provider.

Read what our customers had to say about our service at our testimonials page (http://www.mxhub.com/testimonials.php).

If you have any questions, pm me or email us at sales[at]mxhub.com .

First 12 months FREE for All new order! Only $29 setup fee! - Order Now! (https://www.mxhub.com/clients/order.php?step=2&pid=66)

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