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11-07-2012, 09:22 AM
Maximspace offer Joomla Hosting with free .com domain and cpanel. Maximspace web hosting is only $1.99 per month.

Joomla CMS is choosen by many people to build up powerful applications and websites. It is an award winning web content management system. Joomla is considered as the most popular content management software availabe in the internet. Being an open source software Joomla does not require to license each year and no initial payment as well.

Joomla is currently the popular choice of building powerful web sites.


Joomla help build powerful corporate websites.
Joomla is easlier to use in office intranets and extranets.
Features of Joomla have helped to build many online magazines & publications.
You can create online reservation systems with Joomla.
Make E-commerce applications with ease.
Many government applications are online built-woth Joomla.
The popular choice of small business websites.
Thousands of NGO's have selected Joomla to launch their websites.
Joomla has been a popular choice for online community portals.
There are many school and church websites built with Joomla
Ideal solution for great looking personal or familiy homepages.
It is open source. No license required.

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