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11-13-2012, 06:43 AM
Good time to start your own voip termination business!

IXC is a company that has been developing software for VoIP since 1999. We are suggesting a solution for serious providers who care about stability and reliability of their business.

IXC Softswitch Features

User friendly graphic interface;
Billing system for any type of business;
High availability cluster support (Failover Cluster);
Multiple Routing Mechanisms;
Least Cost Routing (LCR);
Multi processor systems support;
Different proxy modes;
Calling and called number translation;
Individual profitable routing policies;
H.323/SIP protocols conversion;
Codecs conversion;
Automatic balance check-up and blocking mechanism;
Easy routing setup and management;
Capacity management by lines limitation;
Multiple currencies support;
Graphical monitoring system based on active calls, lines, processor loading and interface traffic;
Dynamic IP addresses support.

The most advantage of the ixc softswitch is its flexible and powerfull individual profitable routing policies with easy and understandable web interface. You can adjust settings of calls routing for many occasions and the softswitch never make unprofitable connections.
But the most prominent is powerfull user management system, which allows you to configure web interface and kind of reports for end users of the switch.

IXC Softswitch enables generation of the following reports:
Detailed statistics Report;
Traffic flow Report;
Profitability Report;
ASR/ACD Report;
Disconnect Causes Report;
Payment Report;
Incomes and Expenditures Report;
Expenditures by categories.

Demo version of the softswitch you can try here:

And in the end, now we have very special discounts if buy the switch!! Up to 65% OFF!!!

Feel free to contact me in any questions!

Skype: Andrew.ixc
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