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Web Hosting for the best opensource forum software phpBB. Free domain with 1 click installation. Unlimited Space for your phpBB Bulletin Board from Maximspace.

PHP Bulletin Board - phpBB in short is popular among millions of people around the globe using on a daily basis and making it most widely used open source bulletin board currently in use. phpBB provide all the functions a user require to setup a fully functional bulletin board for both small group related type forums and large multi-category corporate website forum.

phpBB provide an extensive administration panel which has been appreaciated by many newer uses. The admin panel provide you with easy customization facility to suit your needs without modifying the code directly. Users will find it very easy as it can be integrated quicly to any existing website.

With Maximspace 1-click installers you only have to provide the location that you need to run your phpBB forum. It can be a sub-domain or a sub-folder. You also can directly install phpBB as your hame page too.

Once the location is given our installers will carry out all the rest of the proceeding of setup to launch your phpBB forum in minutes.


Modular design for Admin/User/Moderator Control Panels
Multiple Database Support - MySQL / Microsoft / SQL Server / Oracle / PostgreSQL / SQLite / Firebird / OpenLink Virtuoso / any other ODBC-accessible DBMS
Unlimited SubForum cration
Creation of custom-defined BBCode
Creation of custom profile fields
Admin controlled permissions system
Support UTF-8
Easily define user preference
Performance of Moderaton
Performing Administration tasks
Handling of Search Engine spider
Tracking unread messages
Sending Private Messages
Display Statistics

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