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11-22-2012, 02:51 AM
Host Depot (http://www.hostdepot.com/), Inc. was founded in September of 1997 as a technology company with a focus on hosting and the development of integrated e-commerce solutions tailored for small, medium, and large businesses. Our goal, to this day, is to provide a convenient, high-performance, and reliable web hosting experience. We've assembled a solid foundation of state-of-the-art servers, high-performance networks, and experienced professionals to ensure that Host Depot, Inc. remains the web host of choice.

Data center is strategically located in the heart of Broward County. The 66,000 square-foot facility equipped with fully armed security and office facilities, incorporates a 22,000 square-foot, 18" raised floor data center with full 9 foot ceiling height. Conveniently located between I-95 and Florida's Turnpike, just off Commercial Blvd. makes our center accessible from the Tri-county region. The central location, space flexibility and amazing connectivity has made it an ideal home for many Enterprise level and Fortune 500 corporations.

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Constructed to withstand beyond category 5 hurricane force winds
N+1 FPL Utility power feeds
N+1 UPS redundancy (1.5 Megawatts)
N+1 Generators (3.75 Megawatts)
2 underground fuel tanks
Supports data center at maximum load for 14 days without refueling
N+1 Redundant chillers for A/C


Fully redundant infrastructure
Force10 E600 core devices
Cisco GSR 12000 edge devices
Diverse fiber entry points
Tier-1 Bandwidth Providers - NTT/Verio & Qwest


Highly sensitive VESDA smoke detection alarm system
24/7/365 Temperature monitoring
FM200 Chemical fire suppression system

We offer a wide range of Resourceful & Feature-rich DEDICATED SERVERS (http://www.hostdepot.com/Products/Hosting/Dedicated/Default.asp):

Dell Poweredge 750 server
Intel Celeron 2.4 ghz processor
40 gb disk space
1x40 gb sata disk drive
512 mb of memory
500 gb data transfer
1 power supply
64 bit architecture
$129.95/mo - ORDER NOW (http://www.hostdepot.com/Products/Hosting/Dedicated/Details.asp?PlanID=HDWS7)

Dell Poweredge 860 server
Intel Dual Core Pentium d3 ghz processor
80 gb disk space
1x80 gb sata disk drive
512 mb of memory
1000 gb data transfer
1 power supply
64 bit architecture
$179.95/mo - ORDER NOW (http://www.hostdepot.com/Products/Hosting/Dedicated/Details.asp?PlanID=HDWB7)

Dell Poweredge 1950 server
Intel Quad Core Xeon 2.33 ghz processor
146 gb disk space
1x146 gb sata disk drive
1 gb of memory
1500 gb data transfer
1 power supply
64 bit architecture
$279.95/mo - ORDER NOW (http://www.hostdepot.com/Products/Hosting/Dedicated/Details.asp?PlanID=HDWC7)

Dell Poweredge 2950 server
2x Intel Quad Core Xeon 2.33 ghz processors
146 gb disk space
1x146 gb sata disk drive
2 gb of memory
2000 gb data transfer
raid-5 array disk redundancy
2x redundant power supplies
64 bit architecture
$379.95/mo - ORDER NOW (http://www.hostdepot.com/Products/Hosting/Dedicated/Details.asp?PlanID=HDWE7)


All Plans have a one-time setup fee. The setup fee is applicable for new accounts as well as upgrades or downgrades.
Uptime guarantee measured against network and power availability only.
Usage fees are billed on a monthly basis, regardless of payment frequency.
Applies only to operating systems that support automatic updates.

Why HostDepot (http://www.hostdepot.com/) Web Host?

Best Value for Your Money - We pride ourselves with offering our customers packages that include plenty of storage, bandwidth, e-mail addresses, top-rated technical support, and much more.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee - Order any of our services and if you are not fully satisfied with the services and the services provide for a 30-day money back guarantee, you may cancel the services any time during the first thirty (30) days from your initial order date and receive a full refund of all payments made by you to Host Depot for the services.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee - We understand the importance of providing a reliable service and have developed the following level of service to ensure maximum performance and uptime.

Domain Registration and Transfer Assistance - We will guide you through the process and make sure your registration or transfer is a success.

Fast and Reliable Internet Connectivity - We use redundant OC3 connections to the Internet with BellSouth, UUNet, and XO Communications. Using these Tier-1 providers and the BGP4 routing protocol insures that your site will load fast, every time.

Instant Account Activation - As soon as you fill out the order form and submit it, you will receive an e-mail welcoming you to Host Depot including your account information and detailed instructions on how to get started working on your web site.

SiteUtil Control Panel - It is a state-of-the-art, real-time control panel. What does that mean to you? Changes you make to your account appear instantly. Unlike other web hosting companies, SiteUtil doesn't contain web pages that send e-mail to our support group. Demo our SiteUtil Control Panel (https://www.siteutil.com/Logon.asp?Demo).

PowerWebBuilder Web Site Creator - PowerWebBuilder lets you establish your own unique, professional web site in minutes. It is an easy-to-use system for creating a web site from scratch.

SiteBuilder Web Site Creator - SiteBuilder is a user-friendly, online tool for developing web sites without any special tools or expertise.

Top-Rated Technical Support - Our goal at Host Depot is to make sure your web site is a success. That's why we provide technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week via our toll-free number and e-mail. Technical staff is available via e-mail or our toll-free number, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to handle your technical support needs. We provide you with professional, reliable service and support which allows you to focus on the dynamic needs of your business. If your site's a success, we're a success!

Use our Support Portal (http://www.hostdepot.com/Support/Default.asp) to search our Knowledge Base (http://support.hostdepot.com/Main/Default.aspx) and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (http://support.hostdepot.com/KB/search.aspx?categoryid=4&search=&type=0) database which will provide you with answers to most of your common questions. You can also open a Support Ticket (http://support.hostdepot.com/Main/Default.aspx) or send us an e-mail message (http://www.hostdepot.com/Support/EMail.asp) to open one.
CHAT LIVE (http://support.hostdepot.com/Chat/frmClientPreChat.aspx?InfoGuid=7b0cb91e8f534bdda3c 4dace33cfaf1a&config=1) with one of our technical support representatives and get answers to your questions real-time.

Call us toll-free inside the United States 18883403527. International Customers should call 19543403527.