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12-03-2012, 09:17 AM
Many people still believe in building an online presence, and if it is possible to gain recognition on the web that can affect the online visitors and works as a good buy. The desire is to keep roughly the same for all businesses online by hand, but in my head, the part that makes this place, huh?

There are SEO and SMO, what is it?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process, technology, tools, techniques, methods for optimizing sites for search engines to publish, understand, read and index accordingly. The optimization process results in a favorable location of the site in search engines and increase the flow of traffic to your online business.

SMO (Social Media Optimization) is a method that includes social networks to attract Internet users and business support through the presence of a major operation. Some good examples are the business networks, online communities and blogs.

No. SEO and SMO is in front of targeted traffic to your website, and this is where it is important to realize, both methods are important to promote your Internet business and give you the maximum benefit of internet marketing. Consider the following points of importance to be the best option available.

1) SEO is a common practice in order to impress the search engines but SMO is used to recognize and attract people. Therefore, write content rich in keywords, SEO and quality must be perfect to draw attention to the search engines but SMO write content to attract the media.

2) SEO is considered an important factor in valuing securities, titles and keywords so that the identity of an online presence in search engines, but the tension in the SMO social network is for us to various ways to attract attention and provide on our website.

3) SEO work on the online presence through search engine ranking and promotion in practice for some time, but SMO is a new method that is growing rapidly through popular social networks and social networks are more likely to help you develop the network of its existence.

4) The optimization process of the search engines are a number of factors that each process has its own importance and power is the most sustainable and efficient online verification requires professional assistance and Asms those who have little knowledge can be practiced and contact with the Internet.

5) SEO thoroughly investigate all aspects of Web pages based on content, the owner of the tile, keywords, site structure and other factors that will be created and filled in the household is not EMO reservation in his career. discuss

This is where you should be aware that the BBS does not cost anything, let alone in front, and get results, but SEO is something of the experience and practice more, you get exactly that it will take to get online presence.

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SEO and SMO both is beneficial for internet marketing because in this way your website pr increased.

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03-15-2013, 06:42 AM
Social Media Optimization is become necessary part of SEO and search engine values social signals while ranking the site. SMO is also best for branding of your service/product or business and also help you get visitor to your site.

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