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04-27-2007, 02:37 PM
Offering top quality ddos protected hosting and resellers on secure boxes. All plans come with mid-level ddos protection, high risk plans available for people with bigger problems. Support is prompt via email, instant messenger, or phone. We support free speech, adult, and any legal content. Also we do not oversell, you use what you are allocated guaranteed.

I can be contacted via: email - sales@secureservertech.com , aim - secureservertech , yahoo - jon_felosi.fm880 , and msn - jon__felosi@hotmail.com

Look at our plans at the links below, Accounts setup quickly.

Cpanel/WHM Hosting and Resellers (http://secureservertech.com/mod.php?mod=pages&mode=view&id=4)
DirectAdmin Hosting and Resellers (http://www.secureservertech.com/mod.php?mod=pages&mode=view&id=11)
Shell Accounts (http://www.secureservertech.com/mod.php?mod=pages&mode=view&id=5)
High Risk Hosting (http://www.secureservertech.com/mod.php?mod=pages&mode=view&id=9)