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02-07-2013, 06:00 AM
Thawte Code Signing Certificate is a complete security solution for the web owners who want to distribute Code or content, it secure the code threw digital signature and deliver to the users without any security error or any type of damage and user also understand that there is nothing tempered or modification done with the code.

Buy Thawte Code Signing Certificate at just $196.20/Yr (2 year purchase require)

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Thawte Code Signing SSL Certificate (https://www.rapidsslonline.com/thawte-code-signing.aspx) is available for Microsoft® Authenticode®, Sun Java®, Microsoft® Office and VBA and for Apple Mac.

Features of Thawte Code Signing Certificate

• It ensure that your content or code cannot be modified without being detected
• Authenticated digital signature verifies the source of your software before it is downloading.
• It increase online distribution and sales of Software
• It helps to eliminate disruptive security alerts and reduce support inquiries

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