View Full Version : DEASOFT:: New WHMreseller V4.1 Released + Automated Rsync Remote Backups + Alpha !

02-10-2013, 05:45 PM
WHMreseller V4.1 has now been released with new features and functions to give Master Resellers even more control and power than before. Added to this version is the ALPHA reseller level which also allows the reselling of Master Resellers. So join the growing group of Master Reseller Web Hosts that are offering their clients the best in Master Reseller functionality and control.

Full Feature List (new features in bold):


Safe Double Level of Reselling - Alpha & Master Reseller
cPanel 11 compatible
Automated Free Upgrades
Monthly Price AU$4.95/m (approx US$4.90/m) per License (one License per server)
Yearly Price AU$49.95/y (approx US$49/y) per License (one License per server)
Owned License AU$149.95 (approx US$149) per License (one License per server)


Grant Alpha Reseller Rights to your Resellers
Grant Master Reseller Rights to your Resellers
Auto Grant Alpha Rights (works with WHMCS)
Auto Grant MR Rights (works with WHMCS)
Fully Control Alpha/MR Quotas, Bandwidth, Access, IP Delegation and more
Master Resellers & root can Migrate complete Reseller Accounts from remote servers - with reseller password
Automated rsync cronjob to copy all server backups to remote server (daily/weekly/fortnightly/monthly)
Plus much more !

Everything that Master Resellers can do with Sub Resellers Alpha Resellers can also do with Master Resellers.


Create/Delete/Suspend/Modify Sub Resellers (WHM accounts)
Create/Delete/Suspend/Modify Sub Reseller cPanel accounts
Auto Grant Sub Reseller Privileges (works with WHMCS)
Edit Sub Reseller Resources/Access Lists/Limits etc
Modify Sub Reseller cPanel Account Domain names, IP's, Quotas, Bandwidth
Unlimited limits Option (if activated by root user)
Upgrade/Downgrade and move accounts between Sub Resellers
Migrate Entire Reseller Accounts and cPanel Accts from remote servers
Immediate Backup, cpmove file restoring function as well as remote RSYNC'ing function
Automated rsync cronjob to copy backups to remote server (daily/weekly/fortnightly/monthly)
New Graphical Stats display and user interface design
Plus much more !

Yearly Sale Price AU$49.95/y
Monthly Sale Price AU$4.95/m
Lifetime License Price AU$149.95
(one License per server)

Trial WHMreseller Today!{/b]

WHMreseller can be installed as a Trial or Licensed version. The Trial and Licensed versions are identical, however a Trial installation expires after 14 days.

[b]Installation Instructions

cd /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/docroot/cgi
wget http://deasoft.com/install4.cpp
g++ install4.cpp -o install
chmod 700 install
rm install
rm install.cpp

For more information and screen shots see http://deasoft.com/software.php