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02-17-2013, 07:58 AM
https://www.dedicatedslots.com/images/logo.png (https://www.dedicatedslots.com/)

Dedicated Slots is dedicated to offer the best quality servers to its customers at an affordable pricing since we at Dedicated Slots strongly believe in Quality and Affordability. Our team of dedicated server experts who have experience of over 3 years are available 24/7 to help you keep your servers and websites running all the time.

Be it improving your server performance, meeting virtualization demands, improving efficiency, protecting your sites from DDoS or anything else Dedicated Slots offers the right type of server for your needs.

We understand the value of time and hence our ordering process is very simple. Customers can choose servers from multiple price levels to suit their budgets.

Why Choose DedicatedSlots.com

- We use server grade hardware only, not desktop grade
- We offer 24x7x365 Emergency support
- Live chat for sales and support
- We guarantee hardware replacements within 60 minutes or less
- 99.99% uptime on network, power, and cooling
- Fully redundant datacener
- Multiple Tier 3 bandwidth providers
- Staff on site 24x7x365
- Each server is Fully Managed !! What more is needed.
- Free lifetime domain on request
- Free SSL on request
- Free Cpanel
- Fully Managed

Massive Dedicatedslots specials for New Season!
Get your server setuped for free!
That means we'll setup your server for free of cost!

Free Comodo SSL certificates for life !
We are providing a Unlimited Free Comodo SSL certificates for life with every dedicated server.

Free migration from any control panel !
We give you the freedom and ease to get hosted with us . We will transfer eveything from your old host to Us without any cost.

Free Control Panel !
We give you free Cpanel with Single Processor Servers and Dual Processor Multi-core Servers.

Our Dedicated Servers are located at
- Salt Lake City - United States
- Washington D.C. Datacenter
- Dallas Datacenter
- San Jose Datacenter
- Seattle Datacenter
- London Datacente
- Amsterdam Datacenter

(http://www.dedicatedslots.com/budget-servers.html)XEON 3040
-Processor - Quad Xeon 3040
-Disk Space - 160 GB
-RAM - 2GB
-Port - 100Mbit
-Bandwidth - 5 TB
-$80.99 USD/Monthly
-LOOKING FOR MORE PLANS ? (http://www.dedicatedslots.com/budget-servers.html)

(http://www.dedicatedslots.com/advance-servers.html)DUAL CORE
-Processor - Dual Core
-Disk Space - 250 GB
-RAM - 2 GB
-Port - 100 Mbps
-Bandwidth - 10 TB
-$113.99 USD/Monthly
-LOOKING FOR MORE PLANS ? (http://www.dedicatedslots.com/advance-servers.html)

(http://www.dedicatedslots.com/professional-servers.html)XEON X3220
-Processor - Quad Xeon X3220
-Disk Space - 2 x 1 TB
-RAM - 8 GB
-Port - 1 Gbit
-Bandwidth - 25 TB
-$226.99 USD/Monthly
-LOOKING FOR MORE PLANS ? (http://www.dedicatedslots.com/professional-servers.html)

Here are some of our new prices for our 100TB Bandwidth Exclusive Dedicated Servers With Free cPanel/WHM :

(http://www.dedicatedslots.com/100TB.html) Intel E3-1230
-Processor - Intel E3-1230
-Disk Space - 2 x 1 TB
-RAM - 8 GB
-Port - 1 Gbps
-Bandwidth - 100 TB
-$250.99 USD/Monthly
-LOOKING FOR MORE PLANS ? (http://www.dedicatedslots.com/100TB.html)

(http://www.dedicatedslots.com/100TB.html)Intel Dual E5620
-Processor - Intel Dual E5620
-Disk Space - 2 x 1 TB
-RAM - 12 GB
-Port - 1 Gbps
-Bandwidth - 100 TB
-$350.99 USD/Monthly
-LOOKING FOR MORE PLANS ? (http://www.dedicatedslots.com/100TB.html)

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