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02-22-2013, 02:37 PM
We recently launched a new service, offering DDoS protection in Europe - targeted at companies with servers and/or end users located in Europe or the sorrounding countries. We can help mitigate DDoS attacks of up to 10 Gbit (or 1 million packages per secound), either via a web proxy or IP tunnel - depending on which services you want to protect.

The web proxy can protect via http and https (with your own SSL certificate), and also includes caching of static files to reduce load on your webserver. This service is available both as a permanent proxy, and as an on-demand service for customers who are rarely under DDoS attack. The IP tunnel is intended for other services where DDoS protection is a problem, and good latency to end-users in Europe important, such as for example Minecraft servers, mailservers etc. (most services can be protected through the tunnel solution).

For the rest of February, we are offering to waive the setup fee completely off any package - see a complete overview of our european DDoS mitigation services at our website below:

European DDoS Protection (http://www.european-ddos-protection.com/)

If you have any questions about our services, or need a custom solution, feel free to e-mail us.