View Full Version : Hostech Support Offers Money Back Plan

07-14-2007, 11:02 PM
Hostech Support:Limited Offer:Money Back Plan

Hostech Support offers a complete solution for the Hosting companies
and Datacenter.To make you feel more relaxed and comfortable for your
investments and return's, Hostech Support introduces a plan where you
will be signed up for a plan of 3 months, What you have to do ? It's
nothing you have to do, We will take care of your support for three
months, offering you all level of services i.e ( Level 1, Level 2, Level 3).Once you complete three months of contract with hostech support,You will have to put a form on your site where we will ask your clients to vote for the qulaity of services they have been getting from your support team.This polling will be conducted for one month and accordingly if the majority votes show that the services offered were not good,You will get three months money refunded i.e you get your money back and three months of support free.Also if the results are postive either you can continue with us or move back to any support you
feel is the best for you.

Please feel free to visit "http://hostechsupport.com" to know more
details about this plan.You can also talk to one of our representative
on the live chat system available on our site.