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08-19-2007, 01:43 PM
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Our new "Going Back to School Proxy Sale" promotion is here! (http://www.nixism.com/specials/proxysale/)

Every so often something magical happens. Lucky for you, we're used to creating miracles. Coupons are only issued on a first come first serve basis; giveaways are for the select few, but here at Nixism we believe that anyone and everyone should be able to take advantage. Well, starting August 19th, all proxy packages will only cost $4.99. Yes, that is correct, this promotion will last an entire month until September 19th. Don't be the last to purchase, get started today.

Why choose Nixism? simply because..

99.9 % Guaranteed Uptime or your next month is on us.
Fast Reply Support: (Live, AIM, ticket, forum, and email support).
A Special Money Back Guarantee. (http://www.nixism.com/aboutus/guarantees/#specialmoneyback)
Fast Dedicated Servers.
Absolutely No overselling!
Secure Server and Checkout.What is the promotion and how long will it last?
All proxy packages are only 4.99. That includes any size. Whether it is Beginner, Personal, Business, Enterprise, Executive or Corporate.

Not only that..

You get the peace of mind, of having your proxy on a reliable server, and also hosting with a reliable and honest web host.

To take advantage of this promotion, use these coupons when signing up:
PERSONAL-PROX: Discounts you to pay $4.99 for first month personal plan.
BUSINESS-PROX: Discounts you to pay $4.99 for first month business plan.
ENTERPRISE-PROX: Discounts you to pay $4.99 for first month enterprise plan.
EXECUTIVE-PROX: Discounts you to pay $4.99 for first month executive plan.
CORPORATE-PROX: Discounts you to pay $4.99 for first month corporate plan.Need more information?
Nixism (http://www.nixism.com/)
Proxy Web Hosting Plans (http://www.nixism.com/proxies/)
Proxy Sale Extended Details (http://www.nixism.com/specials/proxysale/)
Why choose Nixism? (http://www.nixism.com/aboutus/why_us/)
What do other people say? (http://www.nixism.com/aboutus/testimonials/)Please Note:
That the prices on this page are for the promotion. That the prices you see around the site are our regular billing prices. During this promotion, please ignore the prices you see around the site, and only pay attention to the ones seen on this page. Thanks.

Terms of Service
1. Promotion only applies for first month.
2. Promotion only applies for monthly billing cycle.