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11-22-2004, 08:32 PM
M6.Net introduces the new and improved power kit with more features and more power. Now you get the same quality, better features at the same price. You never had it so good before.
With the Power-Kit Hosting Package you can do all you would do on several dedicated servers at less than $70 per month. With the power-kit you can run high margin reseller accounts, design and develop rich web applications for clients. This kit offers massive server power, without paying the cost for a dedicated, we provide the network and server administration, patches, updates, monitoring, security, performance balancing and technical support so you can concentrate on creating, developing and promoting your activities - not having to administer them

·$ 69.25 /mo, No set-up fee | Up to separate 80 domain
·18 GB Storage (18000 MB)
·500 GB Transfer
·Server: Windows
·Scripting:: ASP, ASP.NET Framework, CGI BIN, Perl, PHP
·Database :: 30 My SQL, 20 MS-SQsL 2000, Unlimited MS-Access, FoxPro, Excel, Text
·Web Email
·Control Panel
·FTP Logins
·Custom Error pages
·FrontPage extensions 24 hour unlimited FTP access
·24/7 Support
·ASP Components: ASPmail, ASPImage, ASPsmartupload, ASPhttp, Jmail, ASPupload, and Your Custom components
·Streaming Media
·Raw Log File

*** Extra domain available for $3.00 /mo, one time Set up fees $10.00 ***Order Now (https://secure2.m6.net/order/orderpage.aspx?xgp=493962)

07-16-2006, 09:40 PM
Check http://www.visionwebhosting.net/ they offer really good deal with expert package - 30.000MB of space and 700 GB/monthly bandwidth - all that for $45/month.

07-20-2006, 07:23 AM
really? I dont believe...