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01-14-2004, 09:24 PM
DiscountASP.NET announces the launch of RichTextBox v2.0 ASP.NET Content editor server control to our list of supported components on all web servers. This component is available to all customers at no cost.

The new RichTextBox v2.0 includes a wealth of new features including a fully-integrated multi-lingual spell checker, fourteen new toolbar functions, and RTF support.

The RichTextBox server control provides users with a tightly customized and full-featured online, WYSIWYG, rich-text content editor with bold, italic, bullets, styles, font formatting, tables, image insertion & upload, color picker, hyperlinks, and more. In addition, the component requires no legacy plugins and users can even paste content from Microsoft Word documents directly into the editor.

You can check out a live demo of the RichTextBox server control at: http://www.richtextbox.com/richtextbox/demos/0/

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