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11-04-2007, 02:31 PM
We are confident in saying that we are offering the best premium hosting available at affordable prices. Come be one of the few hosters selling litespeed powered hosting. Our servers and cpanel are fully featured and there are no overselling and unreasonable terms. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back! Now offering a 15 day money back guarantee, also a 99.9% SLA uptime guarantee! Come sell a unique and quality product and have an edge on the other hosts.

Our reseller plans include:

* RVSkins plus theme manager enabling users to change and customize the look and feel of cpanel.
* Installatron and Fantastico Scripts Installers making it possible to install 100+ up to date scripts with the push of a button
* Ruby on Rails
* PostgresSQL
* FFmpeg and ffmpeg-php
* ImageMagick
* The latest stable versions of Mysql5 and PHP5 including optimizations for speed and security Phpinfo located HERE
* Extensive security to protect your sites and data from hackers. Including mod_security, suhosin, cgi suexec,, php suexec, brute force protection on all protocols and more..
* Ddos Protection for occasional attacks only, See high risk for more extensive ddos protection. Protects from 100-500 mbit.
* LiteSpeed HTTP server - Simply put the fastest HTTP server on the market, uses less resources as well. Up to 3 times faster then apache.
* Generous resource usage. Unlike most budget hosts and all oversellers we do not have unreasonable resource usage restrictions and we will never try to push customers into vps and dedicated plans. There are always plans available for more intensive sites and applications.
* No Overselling, you use your full allocations guaranteed!

Cpanel/WHM Reseller Plans (http://www.secureservertech.com/cpanel.html) - Affordable premium reseller plans

Cpanel Shared Hosting (http://www.secureservertech.com/cpanel.html) - High Performance shared hosting

High Risk Plans (http://www.secureservertech.com/hrh.html) - The most affordable and effective ddos protection on the net!

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