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12-02-2004, 03:25 PM
Hi i'm just here to tell people about a webhosting website that is currently being constructed. It will offer free php+ftp+mysql + YOUR OWN CPANEL + A WHOLE LOT MORE!! 20 ftp accounts, 20 mysql databases, 6 web mail accounts, 400mb disk space and 500mb bandwidth per month. All of that for FREE! No ad's, fast server, and it's awesome. We will be getting an irc chat server up soon as well as a chat java applet on the website. There will be more then one website that we are going to open up to the public. We are going to have WastedCentral as well as WastedHosting. Free webhosting accounts will get a subdomain to wastedhosting's url. To get a webhosting account, you will need to email register@wastedhosting.com . You are able to email that account now to get an early grab at a free account.. Remember, this is not a scam we will not ask you to download anything, give us your credit card number (unless paying for a package then it would be through a payment website), and never ask you for any passwords to anything not related to wastedhosting or wastedcentral. Please do make sure that you don't get the free service confused with the full packages that we will soon be offering. I will post more information here about that when they are available. In some of our packages that we will be offering, they will include whm(web hosting manager) which will allow you to create more cpanel's yourself and re-sell them to other people for money if you choose, and 8-16 hour a day live support which will be in either our irc chat room by using an irc client such as mirc which can be found at mirc.com or by using a web irc java applet which will also be put into place.
Applying to become a moderator
We are indeed accepting proffessional webdesigners to help out
in the wastedcentral project. Our future plans for wastedcentral isnt just
for webhosting but to build an all in one website. Whether it'd be sports, gamming, funny flash movies, or news, we plan on expanding our services by a great ammount. If you wish to fill out a moderator application, please email us at modapp@wastedcentral.com .
When you email register@wastedhosting.com for a webhosting account, be sure to email us the
following information:

Name : yourname
Username : desired log-in name for your cpanel(control panel).
password : desired log-in password for your cpanel.
subdomain name : yoursubdomain name.
TOS : Put here whether you agree to our terms of service or not.
You will get an email within 48 hours of your account being activated.
If your account is not activated, we will send you a notice on why it wasn't
activated and what you can do to possibly get it activated. For example, if you dont send us enough information we have asked you such as your name username password and etc.
Below is the current status of the 2 websites. The websites may not be up for a while but you may register for a free account early.
Website : Under Construction
Irc : Not yet up
Hosting Plans : Only a free one at the moment until we release our other plans.
By using our webhosting service, you are fully agreeing to the terms of service in which you will follow. If you do not agree to our terms of service, you may not use our webhosting service in any way shape or form. If you break any terms of service while your account is in use, both your account and all of your files will be deleted and you will not be allowed to use our webhosting service again.
Rules of using your webhosting account :
You may not upload P0RN of any kind(No nudity).
You may not use any exploits against the server.
You may not upload any copyrighted material that may be against the law. (no full version games, music, movies, software, and etc)
You may not upload any serial's of any kind to a software, game, movie, or song that is copyrighted unless you are the creator of the software, game, movie, or song.
You may not upload any abusive or threataning content through your account.
You may not share your account with anybody else.
You may not try to guess somebody else's password to their account.
You may not upload any material that may be considered harmful, offensive, or illegal.
You may not upload any credit card numbers that is not yours.
You may not purchase webhosting from us with a credit card number that is not owned by you.
You may not spam other email address's.

For any further questions, please e-mail us at support@wastedcentral.com.